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Everything you need to know about Clash of Clans!

Explore everything Clash of Clans World Championships 2021 in this blog post! Be sure to also download the full ruleset below!

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Tournament Schedule

Season 1 to 6

Clan War League

End the current season’s Clan War League in Champion 1-3 to be eligible for the Monthly Pre-Qualifier!

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Sign Up in the Clash of Clans App

Upon qualification for the Monthly Pre-Qualifier you’ll be asked to sign up for the tournament in the app.

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Join the Clash of Clans World Championship Discord Server

Connect your Discord ID & join the official Clash of Clans World Championship server. Now get ready to compete!

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Monthly Pre-Qualifier

The Monthly Pre-Qualifier consists of a 2 day single elimination tournament where only 6 teams will prevail & advance to the Monthly Qualifier.

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Monthly Qualifier

The Monthly Qualifier is a 2 day live broadcasted event. 1st place will be awarded with a Golden Ticket and a spot to World Finals. A Silver Ticket will be awarded to the team that finishes in 2nd place.

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Last Chance Qualifier

All 6 teams holding a Silver Ticket and 4 Wild Card teams from Third Party tournaments, will compete for the last two Golden Tickets to secure the last spots in the World Finals.

A heated CRL World Finals Battleground in action!

World Finals

The 8 best teams from across the globe will battle for the title of World Champion and their share of the 1,000,000 dollar prize pool.

Tournament Prizing


Regular Season


World Finals

View full prize breakdown in the ruleset.

Frequently Asked

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Where can I see the rulebook?
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How can I stay connected?
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Is there a cost/fee to enter?
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What are the minimal requirements to enter the tournament?
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What measures are taken to promote fair play in the Clash of Clans World Championship?
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Can we play with different accounts for different teams during the same Monthly Pre-Qualifier?
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How many players are required to make a team?
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A Clan of 15 can sign only one team of 5 players for the Monthly Pre-Qualifier?
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Since Clans must be emptied, down to their five registered team members, on Day 2 of Monthly Pre-Qualifier, do I have to play out of a Clan War League Clan or make a new level 1 Clan?