Ready to start your competitive journey? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this section we’ll help you get all the basic information on how you can play Clash of Clans competitively, it doesn't matter if you have zero experience or if you’re already one of the legends. Check out the details below!


If you have never played Clash of Clans competitively, the perfect place to start is by participating in a community tournament and getting some of those attacks in. There is always something to play, and the formats range from lower Town Hall tournaments to pretty much playing with the best of the best. To know what options are available at the moment check out our in-game news tab article titled ‘Welcome to Clash Esports'.

And lastly, a pro tip is to also watch a ton of competitive play! This way you’ll be able to learn from more experienced players and finetune your skills!


If you’re familiar with the competitive scene already and a veteran then the World Championships is where you want to play! 2023 is back with a new and better year of the best gameplay you can imagine. Let us break down all your options in how you can secure some of that $1.150.000 prize pool for your team, and how you can find yourself battling for the Championship title at World Finals!

Golden ticket tournaments

Community organised Golden Ticket tournaments, four (4) of them, are your first option for going to World Finals. Gather your five person team, sign up, and beat everyone else and that’s it - you’ve secured a Golden Ticket to World Finals. In 2023, all Golden Ticket Tournaments will have the same format! Each Tournament will feature:

  • 2 single-elimination Open Qualifiers, from which 8 teams move forward
  • Swiss bracket phase
  • 8-team Double-elimination Playoffs

The action starts in March with the Queso Cup: Golden Edition 2023, followed by the Rush of Clans: Golden Edition by RUSH.GG and the season will finish off in August with Clash MSTRS: Golden Edition. The fourth tournament invites our Chinese players back to compete for the Championship title and will be a local tournament for only our Chinese players. Want to know more about the Golden Ticket tournament format? Check out the Master Ruleset!

Championship Qualifier

Your other option to secure one of the remaining four (4) spots to World Finals will be to play the official Supercell Championship Qualifier. The four teams remaining at the top after 6 weeks of competition, will go to the World Finals. The Championship Qualifiers will start in September and run into October, and will be played inside the game in the Tournament Hub.

World Finals

It is where everyone wants to find themselves by the end of the year! Playing, attending or watching! The World Finals will feature the top 8 teams in the world fighting for the title of World Champion from the 24th to the 26th of November.

Check out the dates!


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Clash On!

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