How To Compete?


Whether you are a Clash of Clans veteran of almost 10 years now (WOW!) or someone that just happened to stumble onto this amazing game - we have something for everyone to play!

Clash of Clans has an amazing competitive landscape with everything from your local casual tournament to the Clash of Clans World Championships, and everything in between. Let us give you some tips on what to look for and where to get started.


The hardcore Esport track might feel a bit out of your reach if you are just starting off your Clash journey, so an easy way to get to know a bunch of fun people in our community and try out competitive play is by participating in our Grassroots Tournaments.

Grassroots Tournaments are usually an easy start, and the pressure isn’t quite as big as on the big stage. Some tournaments are local, some global and they might all differ in format, but the good thing is that there is always some nice stuff to win!

To know what’s out there, follow the in-game Esport News, our social channels, and talk to your friends from the Community! To make it easier, we have also launched a new feature in the form of a competitive calendar – check it out on this website!


During the year, there are tens of tournaments organized by our community that you can participate in, or just follow along and watch other players put on a good show.

There is not a ‘one and only’ format or style to these, every tournament is different - which is great news! Maybe you like to play the traditional 5 player team highest Town Hall tournaments, or you’ve always dreamt of a 1v1 tournament or want to compete on lower Town Hall levels - you’ll find something you like to play for sure!

Here are a few tips on how to not miss out on any of the action!

  • Stay up to date with the in-game Esports tab, follow us on Twitter and on Instagram.
  • A new addition to help you know what’s going on in the Clash competitive landscape is a Competitive Calendar that has recently been introduced on this website. This will be updated on a regular basis and will include all Clash tournaments we here at Supercell support, everything from regional to global, from Grassroots to Golden Ticket Tournaments!

We’re always looking for more people to collaborate with and are eager to help our community grow! So if you want to explore running a tournament, start by checking out our Community Tournament Guidelines and reach out to us by email at!


Since 2019, the Clash of Clans World Championship has been Supercell's official Esports program where the best of the best come to compete to be crowned World Champion. With the new format in 2022, there are two official tracks for participating on the highest level. The first option is to compete in our community-organized Golden Ticket tournaments that are linked to the Clash of Clans World Championships. If you win one of these tournaments, you are guaranteed a spot in the World Finals, which will take place from September 23rd to 25th. A few things to know about the above:

  • You need to be 16 years old or older to participate in the Golden Ticket Tournaments.
  • Players must pass the fair play check, participate with clean accounts, and follow good sportsmanship.
  • The tournaments will be played as on the highest Town Hall with teams of 5 players.

The other option is to participate in the official Clash of Clans World Championship 6 week-long competition starting in August and ending with the World Finals on the 23-25 September 2022.

For all the detailed information on the Golden Ticket Tournaments and the Clash of Clans World Championship, make sure to follow the in-game Esport News, our social channels, and check out our Competitive Calendar on this website.

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