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Championship Qualifiers FAQs!

Jul 22, 2023

Hi, Chief!

Still having doubts about the Championship Qualifiers and the World Championship Finals? Make sure to read this article until the end so that you’re aware of everything YOU need to know!

Getting started is easy!

Any player who is Town Hall 15 is eligible to participate, pending they meet our eligibility requirements.

In order to participate, the Clan Leader must enroll their clan into the tournament through the in-game Tournament Hub coming on August 31st!

Once the leader registers their team, they will select the 5 players in the Clan who will represent the clan in Clash of Clans World Championship.

Selected players will be able to register through the in-game Tournament Hub.

After all 5 players have completed registration, the leader must finalize their team lineup by locking their team.

What is the Tournament Hub?

The Tournament Hub is an in-game competition platform where players can register and compete in the competition, as well as view critical tournament information and leaderboards.

The Tournament Hub will be available in Clash of Clans on August 31st!

Am I eligible to compete in the tournament?

You are eligible to compete if you meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Town Hall 15
  • Your account is in good standing

How do I play a match and report the match result?

When a match is created, a War will automatically be initiated between the 2 clans. After the War is completed, the results of the War will automatically be recorded.

If your team experiences any issues during your match, please contact Tournament Administrators through Discord.

What information should I be aware of before playing a match?

All members of the team must be online and a part of the Clan their team is affiliated with before their match begins. In addition, players may not be a part of an active Clan or Friendly War that overlaps the tournament match War.

If any player is a part of an active Clan or Friendly War, or is not a part of the Clan when the Tournament match is scheduled to begin, their team will automatically be given the loss for the match.

Additionally, for all Tournament matches after the Ladder stage, only the 5 players that are a part of the team can be a part of the Clan. All other clanmates must leave the clan, and can return after the competition for the day has concluded. This is done to ensure tournament integrity.

As general reminders, please keep these points in mind during ladder play:

  • Remember to change to the correct layout during preparation time
  • Only 1 attack per player is allowed per War
  • Change your clan settings to 'invite only' to protect your own clan.
  • For the ladder stage, you're allowed to play in up to 40 matches throughout the 10 days that the ladder phase lasts for.

What measures are taken to ensure fair play?

Throughout the competition, Tournament Administrators will be working to support teams and ensure that the official Clash of Clans World Championship rules are upheld. In addition, players must abide by the Supercell Terms of Service and Fair Play rules.

There will be an ongoing review of accounts throughout the competition.

How do I advance and qualify for the World Championship Finals?

During Championship Qualifiers, teams advance to the next stage by placing high enough in the current stage of competition.

For example, the top 128 teams during the Stage 1 Ladder will advance to the Stage 2 Double Elimination stage of the competition.

After all 5 stages are completed, 4 teams will be awarded a Golden Ticket, qualifying them for the World Championship Finals!

Additionally, 4 teams will have earned Golden Tickets through specific community-organized tournaments.

If I win, how do I travel to the World Championship Finals?

All qualifying teams must be physically present at World Finals in order to compete.

It is important that you are eligible to travel internationally and have the documentation required for you to travel such as, but not limited to:

  • Passport (must not expire within 3 months of your travel)
  • Photo ID
  • VISA if applicable

All qualifying teams will have their travel expenses covered. More information will be provided closer to the event.

What can I find in the official Clash of Clans World Championships Rulebook?

The OFFICIAL RULES contain critical information such as eligibility requirements, tournament information and scheduling.

Please read the rules before participating in the Clash of Clans World Championship.

I still have a question. How can I contact tournament support?

Players may contact tournament administrators by emailing

Once a player registers through the Tournament Hub, they will have access to the official Clash of Clans World Championship Discord server.

In the Discord, players can submit tickets for support.

For issues requiring immediate assistance, such as a match issue, please submit a ticket through Discord.

Please note that tournament administrators cannot assist with inquiries not related to the tournament, such as in-app purchases or account issues.

Made it all the way through the rulebook and the FAQs? Then you might just be ready to compete! Registration for the Championship Qualifiers will be open in August 31st via the in-game Tournament Hub. Until then, get your defenses ready, rally your team, and prepare for the biggest Clash of Clans competition on the planet.

Stay tuned to our in-game Esports tab & Esports Twitter and Instagram pages for all the latest Clash of Clans World Championship info!

Clash On!

- The Clash of Clans Team

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