World Championships

Championship Qualifiers Registration Now Open!

Aug 3, 2022

Hi, Chiefs!

Championship Qualifiers registration is now open! If you and your team want to compete for part of the $1,000,000 prize pool in the 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship and maybe even earn a trip to compete at the World Championship Finals in Helsinki, Finland, then this is where it all starts!

Watch the video below for a step-by-step-guide of how to register for the Championship Qualifiers.

Any player who is Town Hall 14, at least 16 years of age, and whose account is in good standing is eligible to participate by registering in the Tournament Hub. The Tournament Hub is an in-game competition platform where players can register and compete in the Championship Qualifiers, as well as view critical tournament information and leaderboards.

  • In order to participate, the Clan Leader must enroll their clan into the tournament through the in-game Tournament Hub by tapping the Clash of Clans World Championship Esports button.
  • One the leader registers their team, they will select the 5 players in the Clan who will represent the Clan in the Clash of Clans World Championship.
  • Selected players will be able to register through the in-game Tournament Hub.
  • After all 5 players have completed registration, the leader must finalize their team lineup by locking their team.

For more details about the Championship Qualifiers, please visit the How To Compete page of the Clash of Clans Esports website.

Registration will remain open until 2:00 PM UTC on 10 August, so be sure that your entire team has registered by that date and time. As always, stay tuned to our Esports Twitter and Instagram pages for more Clash of Clans World Championship info, and good luck in the Championship Qualifiers!

Clash On!

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