World Championships

Championship Qualifiers Schedule!

Jul 21, 2023

Hi, Chief!

With the Championship Qualifiers announcement out there and the format thoroughly explained, it’s time to dig deeper into the agenda!

Starting with a Ladder stage, followed by a Double-Elimination, two Swiss and ending with another Double Elimination, your team will get the chance to battle in a 6-week long in-game competition and win 1 of the 4 Golden Tickets to the Clash Worlds Finals that the Championship Qualifiers have to award!

We can’t wait to see which teams will be joining NAVI, Tribe Gaming and the winners of the China Golden Ticket tournament & ClashMSTRS in the biggest Clash Stage of the year on November 24th-26th! There are 4 Golden Tickets up for grabs in the Championship Qualifiers - don’t miss the chance!

Save the dates!

You’ll be able to follow all the Championship Qualifier action with your favorite streamers and the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals on the official Clash of Clans Twitch, YouTube, Facebook & TikTok channels.

Need assistance or got questions we have not covered on the Clash of Clans World Championship? Contact Please note that tournament administrators cannot assist with inquiries not related to the tournament, such as in-app purchases or account issues.

Wondering about who is going to be casting right on the Big Stage? That much we can’t share… yet! So, stay tuned to the Clash of Clans Esports tab in-game, Twitter, and Instagram as more Clash of Clans World Championship announcements are coming soon!

Clash on!

- The Clash of Clans team

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