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Clash MSTRS: Gold Edition!

Apr 15, 2022

Hey Chief! ClashMSTRS is back and bigger than ever! Don’t miss out on your next chance to qualify for the 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship with this Golden Ticket event!

ClashMSTRS: Gold Edition 3rd Qualifier starts on Wednesday, May 11th! With a Golden Ticket to the 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship Finals, $50,000, and bragging rights on the line, your clan won’t want to miss this event. ClashMSTRS: Gold Edition Structure: This season of ClashMSTRS features 5 weeks of competition which includes 3 Open Qualifiers, 1 Last Chance Qualifier, and Playoffs to determine a Golden Ticket winner.

Clans compete in weekly Qualifiers to earn Qualification Points towards the Playoffs. After three Open Qualifiers, the top 4 clans in Qualification Points will receive an automatic invite to the Playoffs. The next 4 clans in Qualification Points (Placed 5th-8th) will be entered into the Play-In portion of the Last Chance Qualifier. Speaking of the Last Chance Qualifier, those familiar with previous seasons of ClashMSTRS will notice that the Last Chance Qualifier has been completely revamped for ClashMSTRS: Gold Edition.

The Last Chance Qualifier is now broken into two separate stages. First, the Bracket Stage, where clans will be able to register and participate in a double elimination tournament. The top four clans from the Bracket Stage will qualify for the Play-In stage, where they will be paired against one of the four other Play-In clans, for a winner-takes-all showdown for a spot in the Playoffs.

Finally, the eight clans that qualified for playoffs will be placed into two groups of 4. Each group will play through a double elimination bracket with two clans from each group advancing to the third and final day. On day 3, a final single elimination tournament will take place, with these final matches being played in a Bo2 format.

Ultimately, only one clan will be left standing, and they will secure themselves the top prize, including a Golden Ticket to the 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship!


  • Open Qualifier 3: May 11th, 14th, 15th
  • Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ): May 18th, 21st - 23rd
  • Playoffs: May 27th - May 29th


Registration for the first Open Qualifier is live now, so gather your clan, and join the action in ClashMSTRS: Gold Edition!

Use the following link to access the Tournament Hub, where you can register to compete in each week's Qualifier!

ClashMSTRS Tournament Hub

For all information regarding ClashMSTRS:

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