World Championship

Clash Worlds returns for 2024!

Feb 15, 2024

Hello Chief!

Brand new year means brand new World Championship in Clash of Clans! In this announcement you’ll get an overview of the World Championship program designed for you to be able to compete against the best Clash of Clans teams in the world and secure yourself a share of the prize pool of $1.000,000!


You loved it back in the day and so did we, so this year we are bringing back Monthly Competitions to the competitive world of Clash of Clans!

The World Championship will in short consist of:

  • Four Monthly Competitions
  • One Chinese Regional Qualifier
  • One Last Chance Qualifier
  • And an in-person World Championship Final


Starting in April through to July, every month will give you a chance to secure a Golden Ticket to World Championship Finals! Each Monthly Competition will have three phases; an Open Qualifier (or as we call it Phase 1), a 128 team Monthly Qualifier and a Monthly Final.

In short, if you win a Monthly Final you secure a Golden Ticket for your team to the World Championship Finals! But that’s not all. All the runner ups from each month will automatically guarantee themselves a spot at the Last Chance Qualifier. Second place matters!

You might wonder, well when exactly does it start? Don’t worry we’ll keep you up to date, but it’s not like you can miss the Tournament Hub icon on your home screen when it’s time to sign up!


To keep it interesting all year around what would the year be without a Last Chance Qualifier! The four teams from the Monthly Competitions will face off a bunch of Community tournament winners for a chance for that last Golden Ticket to World Championship Finals. CHECK OUT THE FULL SCHEDULE!

April Monthly Qualifier dates:

  • Registrations - March 25th to 31st
  • Phase 1 - April 1st to 6th
  • Monthly Qualifier - April 13th & 14th
  • Monthly Finals - April 20th & 21st

  • May Monthly Qualifier dates:
    • Registrations - April 27th to 30th
    • Phase 1 - May 1st to 6th
    • Monthly Qualifier - May 18th & 19th
    • Monthly Finals - May 25th & 26th

  • June Monthly Qualifier dates:
    • Registrations - May 28th to 31st
    • Phase 1 - June 1st to 6th
    • Monthly Qualifier - June 15th & 16th
    • Monthly Finals - June 22nd & 23rd

  • July Monthly Qualifier dates:
    • Registrations- June 27th to 30th
    • Phase 1 - July 1st to 6th
    • Monthly Qualifier - July 13th & 14th
    • Monthly Finals - July 20th & 21st

  • Last Chance Qualifier dates:
    • September 7th & 8th

  • World Finals
    • November 2024

We know you have more questions, and we promise to answer them soon! Make sure to follow our in-game Esport News and Clash of Clans Esports X, Instagram & Esports website not to miss any of the details!

-The Clash of Clans Esports Team

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