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Jul 6, 2022

Hey there, Clashers!

So, you want to compete in the Clash of Clans World Championship? Say no more! Today, we’ll discuss more about the Championship Qualifiers and how YOU can participate. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s post for more information about the 2022 World Championship, too.

This year, 8 teams will cash in their Golden Tickets and compete at the World Championship Finals from 23-25 September. 4 teams will earn those Golden Tickets through community-organized tournaments, and 4 teams will win them through the Championship Qualifiers.

The Championship Qualifiers are a worldwide competition split into 4 stages across 5 weeks.

Registration for the Championship Qualifiers will take place from 3-10 August through the in-game Tournament Hub. During these dates, every Town Hall 14 player will be able to access the Tournament Hub by tapping the in-game Clash of Clans World Championship button. However players must be at least 16 years old to participate in the Championship Qualifiers

A clan leader will start the registration process by enrolling their clan and selecting 5 players, including themselves, to compete in the Championship Qualifiers. After being selected by the captain to join the team, players must also individually register for the team before registration closes. After all 5 players on the team have fully registered and are a part of the clan, the team captain must lock the team in to confirm the final lineup.

More specific details about registration will be available in the official rulebook, which will be available starting at 2:00 PM UTC this Friday, 8 July.

Then, get ready for 4 stages of competition.

Stage 1: Ladder (10-20 August)

All fully-registered teams will be placed in a ladder competition, where they can search for a match with other teams in the ladder at any time. Teams can play up to 6 ladder matches during any 24-hour period. Teams will be ranked by leaderboard points and will gain or lose points based on match results and their ranking compared to their opponent. For example: Beating a top team may grant more points than beating a team below you in the ladder.

At the end of the ladder play period, the top 64 teams will advance to Stage 2!

Stage 2: Double Elimination (27 August)

In Stage 2, 64 teams will compete in a double elimination bracket until 16 teams remain. Those 16 teams will advance to Stage 3!

Stage 3: Swiss (3 September)

In the Swiss stage, the 16 remaining teams will each play in up to 5 Wars. This is where prizing begins in the Championship Qualifiers, with each team reaching the Swiss stage guaranteed at least $5,000! The 8 teams that win 3 Wars will advance, but the 8 teams that lose 3 Wars will be eliminated.

Stage 4: Double Elimination (10 September)

The 8 teams that advance to Stage 4 will compete in a double elimination bracket until only 4 teams remain. Those 4 teams will each earn Golden Tickets to compete at the World Championship Finals in Helsinki, Finland, on 23-25 September. In addition, each of the 8 teams that reach Stage 4 will win at least $20,000, with the 4 Golden Ticket winners eligible to win much more at the World Championship Finals! Check back tomorrow for more information about the World Championship Finals prize pool.

Stages 2, 3, and 4 of the Championship Qualifiers will be broadcast live on the official Clash of Clans Twitch, YouTube and Facebook channels. We will share more information as those events get closer!

Think your clan has what it takes to field a Championship-worthy team? Then be sure to sign up for the Championship Qualifiers during the registration period from 3-10 August. In the meantime, check back here as well as to our Esports Twitter and Instagram pages for all the latest Clash of Clans World Championship info. Up next: more details coming at 2:00 PM UTC this Thursday about the World Championship Finals event in Helsinki!

Clash On!

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