World Championship

Congratulations Clash Champs!

Nov 26, 2023

After 3 days of intense competition, Clash Champs are your 2023 Clash of Clans World Champions! Clash Champs rose to the top during this incredible Clash Fest weekend, earning the grand prize of $300,000 and taking home the World Champions trophy!

The Grand Finals showcased incredible skill, with Repotted Gaming finishing as this year’s runner-up. Congratulations are in order, as we celebrate their strong performances throughout the weekend as well!

Take a look at how all 8 of the World Championship Finalists fared this weekend:

As we wrap up this year's World Championship Finals, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each team for dedicating months to intense competition. This event wouldn't be possible without the unwavering commitment of these formidable competitors. A massive thank you goes out to every viewer who joined us online or cheered from the audience here in Helsinki, as the energy was unmatched!

In case you missed any of today's excitement or previous days, you can watch the entire World Championship weekend on our YouTube! And, of course, stay connected with Clash of Clans Esports on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates as we look forward to what’s next.

Thank you for an incredible 2023 season and Clash On!

-The Clash of Clans Team

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