World Championship

Congratulations NAVI!

Apr 4, 2023

Hey Chief! After two Open Qualifiers, a 16 team Swiss stage and an action packed 2 day Playoffs stage and with a $50,000 prize pool and a Golden Ticket to the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals, we finally have the first 2023 World Championship Finalist team! Falling to the lower bracket on their second match of the Playoffs against ET-XSPORTS, NAVI managed to keep on winning each war and climb their way up to the Grand Finals, where they forced ET-XSPORTS to a second war after winning the first and secured the win. The 2022 World Champions have won the first Golden Ticket of the year! Congratulations to NAVI’s GAKU, STARs, Bernaul, Kazuma & Klaus for their incredible performance!

Relive their epic road to glory HERE! Even though the first Golden Ticket has already been claimed, there are still two more community tournaments where YOU can secure your spot at the World Finals, the next in line being Rush of Clans Golden edition by RUSH.GG starting in early May! Stay tuned to Clash of Clans Esports tab in-game, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you’re up-to-date to everything Clash of Clans World Championship! Clash On! -The Clash of Clans Esports team

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