World Championships

Congratulations to J.X. Tiger

Jan 22, 2022

J.X. Tiger ARE YOUR 2021 CLASH OF CLANS WORLD CHAMPIONS! Congratulations to J.X. Tiger for conquering the World Championship Finals bracket to earn $250,000 and the title of 2021 World Champions! They fought all the way from the August Qualifier to the World Championship Finals, and they never slowed down on their path to glory. They survived the fierce competition all the way from Day 1 through the Grand Finals matchup between J.X. Tiger and QueeN Walkers this weekend. Ultimately, J.X. Tiger proved their strength, vanquished their foes and took home the trophy! All the spectacular action would not have been possible without all 8 of the World Championship Finalists, and we thank all the competitors for their hard work. Every team will leave the World Championship Finals with incredible prize money. Check it out! After thousands of qualifying Wars over more than 6 months of competition, Clash Worlds 2021 has finally come to a close. If you missed any of the action from the World Championship Finals or any other Clash Worlds event in 2021, all the broadcasts are available to re-watch on YouTube and Twitch. Thank you to every viewer who tuned in to see the world’s best teams battle it out all year long! We hope you have been inspired to strike with the force of a World Champion in your next War. Clash On!

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