World Championships

Golden Ticket Tournaments Ruleset!

Feb 2, 2023

Hey, Chiefs!Now that you’re aware of all the Clash of Clans World Championship details, format & schedule it’s time we dig deeper into the Golden Ticket Competitions official format & rules! In the Clash of Clans Esports team we always thrive by hearing the community’s feedback and improving our World Championship every year with the learnings and feedback we gather - and this year will be no exception! As we’ve shared in the overall format announcement, this year’s World Championship will have four Golden Ticket Tournaments and all of them will feature the very same format! That’s right, you read that correctly, all Golden Ticket tournaments will have the same format in 2023! Each Golden Ticket competition will last for approximately 4 weeks and will include:

  • 2 single-elimination Open Qualifiers, from which 16 teams (8 per qualifier) will move forward to a Swiss Bracket phase!
  • 16 team Swiss bracket phase from which 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs
  • 8 team double-elimination Playoffs!

After the Playoffs have finished, one team will claim a Golden Ticket to the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals! Check out the full Master Ruleset for 2023 Golden Ticket competitions HERE! Please note that even though all the tournaments will have the same format some rules may vary from one to another - keep an eye on the official QuesoCup, RUSH.GG & Clash MSTRS social pages to be the first to know their specific rules! Remember to follow us on the Clash of Clans Esports Twitter & Instagram pages and to regularly check the in-game esports news tab to stay up-to-date with everything Clash of Clans Esports related! Clash On! - The Clash of Clans Team.

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