World Championships

RUSH of Clans - Swiss Stage!

May 18, 2023

Hi Chiefs! After two epic Open Qualifiers, the 16 teams that have made it to the Swiss Stage of the RUSH of Clans Golden Edition are in preparations to give it their best this upcoming weekend. With a Golden Ticket to the 2023 Clash of Clans World Championship Finals & the biggest share of the $50.000 prize pool on the line we are sure to see the best attack and defence strategies out there in the hands of the best teams in the World!

Meet the 16 Qualified teams!

Over this weekend, the qualified teams will battle it out in a 16 team Swiss Bracket - it’s very simple, 3 wins and you’re in the Playoffs; 3 losses and you’re out! Check out the bracket:

These are the first matchups for the weekend’s wars:

  • ET XSPORTS vs. Emporium Titans
  • Tribe Gaming vs X-Team Early Bird
  • Clash Champs vs RENEGADOS E-sports
  • Chasmac EA vs Total Access
  • Chasmac Gaming vs VN eSporting
  • United Gaming vs UG eSports
  • Prophecy Esports vs NAVI

Featuring two of the finest casters in Clash Esports, CarbonFin & iTzu, these broadcasts are BOUND to be as EPIC as it gets!

Set a reminder NOW not to miss a second of the best Clash Esports action this weekend! DAY 1


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See you this weekend!

Clash On!

- The Clash of Clans Team

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