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Feb 25, 2023

Claim the 1st Golden Ticket to the World Championship!

Hello Chief,

Back in January we announced the return of the World Championship 2023, along with its format, schedule and a total prize pool of $1.150.000. We explained that throughout this year there will be 8 Golden Tickets to be claimed on several tournaments that will guarantee each winning team a spot in the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals on November 24th to 26th.

Now that the 1st Golden Ticket is on sight with Queso Cup: Golden Edition we will share everything you need to know about how to participate and have a chance to claim YOUR Golden Ticket. Make sure to keep reading this article and follow our official Clash of Clans Esports Twitter & Instagram pages so you can be updated regularly with exclusive World Championship news.

Everything you need to know about the Queso Cup Golden Edition

The 1st Golden Ticket tournament A.K.A. Queso Cup Golden Edition is open for every Town Hall 15 teams to participate.

  • The matches are 5v5 wars between teams
  • If you need to find a team, you can look for one in the Queso Cup Discord server HERE
  • This tournament is free to play. Players are not required to pay anything to register and/or play.
  • All players must be at least 16 years old by the start of the tournament
  • All tournament rules can be found HERE

Save the dates!

See below the dates for each stage of the Queso Cup Golden Edition so you and your team can get ready and don't miss the important stages of the tournament:

  • Qualifier 1: 11th and 12th March starting at 9:00 UTC
  • Qualifier 2: 18th and 19th March starting at 16:00 UTC
  • Swiss Stage: 25th and 26th March starting at 12:00 UTC
  • Playoffs: April 1st & 2nd starting at 12:00 UTC

Take the first step to become a Clash Legend!

Now that you know everything about the Queso Cup: Golden Edition, it's time to SIGN UP!

Register your team in AppGrade HERE and get ready to play against the best teams in the World.

If you want to have ask for more information about the competition, check out the Queso Cup Discord server and contact one of the tournament administrations HERE. Make sure to follow Queso Cup's Twitter page to stay up-to-date with everything related to the first Golden Ticket competition of 2023!

See you on the World stage!

Be ready to see the most amazing attack strategies in Town Hall 15 and compete against legendary players in Clash of Clans. We look forward to see you and your team competing on Queso Cup.

Clash ON!

- The Clash of Clans team

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