World Championship

The Snapdragon Pro Series is Back!

May 17, 2024

Hi Chief,

The Snapdragon Pro Series returns for another season, and this time the competition will be even more special - you get to test your skill against players from all around the world!

With a Silver Ticket to the Clash of Clans World Championship Last Chance Qualifier and a $50,000 prize pool on the line, this is not a competition you want to miss! Sign up NOW on FACEIT HERE!

The Snapdragon Mobile Open phase consists of 4 cups played over two days each - all in best of 1 Single Elimination bracket. The first day will reveal the top 8 teams who will advance to the second day.

Four cup winners will qualify for the Split Finals. The remaining 4 slots in the finals will be seeded based on the overall Leaderboard.

Next, the Snapdragon Mobile Open Finals a two-day, double-elimination tournament for the best will determine the winner, who will take home the Silver Ticket to the LCQ and the biggest share of the $50.000 prize pool!

Save the dates in your calendar to make sure you don't miss a single minute of the competition!

Now that you know the basics make sure watch the tutorial video below and follow the instructions to sign up!

  • Register a FACEIT account (All players of the team must register an account)
  • Connect your Supercell ID account to FACEIT.
  • Choose the tournament you want to participate in and click submit application.
  • In the application text box, write something similar to “I’d like to join, my name is [INSERT PLAYERNAME] on the team [INSERT TEAM NAME].”
  • Once approved, you will see you’re invited and need to click an orange button to join the tournament.
  • To create your team, follow the prompts in the left-hand window to invite your teammates to your team!

That's all for now! Make sure to follow Clash of Clans Esports X, Instagram & Esports website to stay up-to-date with everything #ClashEsports related!

Clash ON!

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