CWL: Dare to Compete! Playoffs

Jul 19, 2023

Hi, Chief!

After an intense Ladder week and an exciting 2-week Group Stage with different rules daily, the top 8 teams have been set and are ready to give their all for their chance to secure the biggest portion of the $20,000 prize pool and be declared CWL Esports DARE TO BE champions!!

Who's your favorite to take the title of Champion home?

Take a look at the prize pool distribution so you can see just what is at stake!!

CWL: Dare to Compete Playoffs Finals Stage starts on Saturday, July 22nd at 12 noon UTC in an 8 Team Double Elimination Bracket (once a team loses 2 wars, they are out) with a possible bracket reset for the Grand Finals.

Check out the bracket below!

Tune in to watch Coco and Lexnos co-cast this Saturday and Sunday!!

Playoffs will be split over two broadcast days so that YOU get to see EVERY single war until the Champions are crowned. Starting this Saturday, July 22nd @12pm UTC and finishing on Sunday, 23rd July, from @12pm UTC!!

Set your reminders NOW so as not to miss a second of the Best Clash of Clans players in the World wow us with top defense and attack strategies!!

You can catch the wars by following the official Champions War League YouTube Channel, Twitch Channel, Twitter page and/or join CWL Esports Discord server so you can be updated regularly with exclusive CWL: Dare to Compete news and streams!

See you this Saturday!!

Clash On!

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