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Oct 12, 2022

Hi Chief! The Snapdragon Pro Series kicks off with the first Open Ladder of the Snapdragon Mobile Open on October 25th in both Europe & Middle East/North Africa and North America!

With $70,000 on the line, you won’t want to miss this tournament!

NA Tournament Structure - There will be two Open Qualifiers in Season 2, where the Top 4 teams from each will advance to the Snapdragon Mobile Challenge. The 1st place team from each Open Ladder will auto-qualify for Challenge – whereas the 2nd-9th place teams from that qualifier need to compete in a double elimination bracket for the remaining 3 Challenge slots.

  • NA Ladder 1: October 25th - November 11th
  • NA Open Final 1: November 19th
  • NA Ladder 2: December 13th - January 13th
  • NA Open Final 2: January 28th

EUR & MENA Tournament Structure - There will be two Open Ladders each with their own dedicated Open Finals in Season 2. The Top 8 teams from each ladder will then compete in a standalone double-elimination bracket.

  • EUR & MENA Ladder 1: October 25th - November 4th
  • EUR & MENA Open Final 1: November 13th
  • EUR & MENA Ladder 2: November 15th - November 25th
  • EUR & MENA Open Final 2: December 4th

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North America:

Europe & Middle East/North Africa:

How to Play: 1. Register an ESL Play account (All 5 players of the team must register an ESL Play account)

2. Create a Team

3. Invite your clanmates to the team

4. Enter your roster via “Manager Roster”

5. Sign up for your region’s Snapdragon Mobile Open with your team!

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Clash On!

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