Worlds Warmup - Group Stage!

Feb 9, 2023

The Worlds Warmup is heating up! Are you ready for the best Clash action yet in 2023?!

After two intense qualifiers, 8 glorious teams have made it to the group stage and will be joining the 8 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship Finalists! The 8 qualified teams & World Finalists will be divided into 4 groups for the group stage. Check out how the groups will look like 👇

Check out the matchups for Day 1:

Group 1:

  1. NAVI vs. X-Team Esports
  2. X-Team Esports vs. Chasmac EA
  3. NAVI vs. BLIND eSports

Group 2:

  1. Tribe Gaming vs. STRUT
  2. STRUT vs. EM Esports
  3. Tribe Gaming vs. OBEY

Group 3:

  1. ET-XSPORTS vs. Chasmac Gaming
  2. Chasmac Gaming vs. Empire Gaming

Group 4:

  1. Chasmac GS vs. Clash Champs
  2. Clash Champs vs. BADZINGER AE
  3. Chasmac GS vs. Yari ka!

With a $30.000 prize pool on the line & featuring Town Hall 15 for the first time in a Worlds Warmup this weekend is BOUND to be the most epic event so far in 2023!

Are you ready? Set a reminder NOW not to miss a second of it!

Group Stage Day 1: Saturday, February 11th @ 12PM UTC!

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Group Stage Day 2: Sunday, February 12th @ 12PM UTC!

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Clash On!

-The Clash of Clans team.

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