Worlds Warmup Playoffs!

Feb 17, 2023

THIS IS IT! Now that the group phase is finished and we know which teams have made it to the finals of the 2023 Worlds Warmup, it’s time to move on to the playoffs and find out who the Champion will be!

After the 8 qualified teams from the Open Qualifiers & the 8 invited 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship finalists were divided into 4 groups and battled it out for a spot in the playoffs over the course of last weekend we have the 8 finalists team list!

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Over the next weekend, the 8 teams will face each other in a single-elimination bracket. Check out the bracket!

By the end of Sunday we will know which team is the 2023 Worlds Warmup champion and who will take the biggest share of the $30,000 prize pool. Here’s the prize pool breakdown!

Set the reminders so you don't miss a second of the most epic Worlds Warmup edition so far!

Day 1: Saturday, February 18th @ 12 PM UTC

Day 1

Day 2: Sunday, February 19th @ 12 PM UTC

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Clash On!

- The Clash of Clans team.

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